What’s for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

Do you think this is a good dinner? Would you knowingly feed this to your kids? Your family? Heck, no!!!!

This is not healthy. Yet, this is what’s for dinner and death for many of our youth. Another young life has been tragically taken due to this epidemic that ravages the bodies of young people daily. One of my son’s friends discovered his brother died this past weekend, his life gone due to drugs just days shy of his twenty-second birthday. This is by no means a shocking statistic. It has become so prevalent and accepted as the norm in our society. This is a crime. He was a young man with a future, now lost. His mom won’t be able to bake him a birthday cake. His brother won’t get to play football with him at Thanksgiving. Is his dad going to be able to hang the Christmas lights with icicles on them with his son this year, no. The wind-chill of the winter in the Artic circle can’t be colder than the metal slab of the mortuary. His family will never be the same.

As a mom, former teacher, and now as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, it is all too often I see this horrible dinner served. There is nothing palatable about it. I am no longer surprised by the ease with which it is sautéed and simmered to perfection, then consumed as a viable option for nourishment. This is something that should not even be on the menu. Whether the death comes as a prescription or a street drug, the effect is permanent. It is fatal. Nothing in your life can be repaired because there is no life.

There is a way out. It requires some hard work. It won’t be easy, but I promise you it will be better than what you have been consuming. It will be sustaining. It can cause real joy. The only tummy ache is from laughter. Drugs don’t have to be what’s for dinner anymore. Call if you want to learn more. People are willing to help and spend hours giving you the exact recipe for a new life. The only thing asked is you teach someone else how to cook when you’ve made your casserole of hope.

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